Top Five Reasons to Support
INMED Opportunity Center

1. Volunteering strengthens your community

2. You learn a lot about yourself and your community

3. You get a chance to give back

4. It brings people together

5. You make a difference in your community!

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Computer CORE classes every Wednesday

Did you know that INMED’s Opportunity Center hosts Computer CORE classes every Wednesday evening from 6-9 pm? Computer CORE is…

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OC Aquaponics Update

INMED CEO Linda Pfeiffer explains the inner workings of aquaponics to a second grader in the OC After School Program.…

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ESL Classes Are Back!

The OC’s popular English as a Second Language classes will resume on October 1. Weekly will be held every Saturday…

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Loudoun County Schools Appreciate The Opportunity Center

Every community needs a center like this! Our families will find this support system invaluable. Our students, parents and the entire community are very fortunate to have this center and the visionaries behind it.”

- Gus Martinez, Principal, Sterling Middle School

INMED Partnerships for Children rescues children from the immediate and irreversible harm of disease, hunger, abuse, neglect, violence or instability them to shape a brighter future for themselves and the next generation. INMED’s vision is to transform the future of generations of children by building continuity of support from infancy to adulthood.

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