Graduation from INMED’s Homelessness Prevention Program

A mother from Togo and her two children celebrate their graduation from INMED’s Homelessness Prevention Program at the Opportunity Center in Sterling, VA. Their broad smiles will warm your heart. Watch the video on INMED’s YouTube channel:

If you know of someone who is in danger of becoming homeless, please contact Cecilia Diaz-Yap  at to learn how INMED’s Homelessness Prevention Program can help.

Thankful Thursday

INMED is thankful for our friends at the Rotary Club of Ashburn, VA for supporting and encouraging our programs at the Opportunity Center. We especially thank Club President Ken Courter of Keller Williams Realty for arranging for OC Executive Director Maria Vasquez to share our success stories from INMED Loudoun’s After-School, Healthy Families and Moms & Babies Programs. We could not transform the lives of at-risk children without the support of our local business community.

Computer CORE classes every Wednesday

Did you know that INMED’s Opportunity Center hosts Computer CORE classes every Wednesday evening from 6-9 pm? Computer CORE is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to teach low-income adults the technological and life skills needed to pursue their career aspirations. CORE’s six-month training course is designed to help students learn computer and internet basics. Instructors advise and mentor students to identify existing skills, nurture career interests, work together on individualized resumes and teach job search strategies. By the end of the course, students have the tools to achieve career success and are on the path to lifelong self-sufficiency.

To learn more about Computer CORE classes at the OC, contact Erin Lewis at

OC Aquaponics Update

INMED CEO Linda Pfeiffer explains the inner workings of aquaponics to a second grader in the OC After School Program. This bean plants have sprouted and will soon be ready to transfer to the tiered planters. The fish are busily practicing their fertilization skills.

INMED’s large-scale aquaponics systems in Jamaica, South Africa and Peru have fed thousands of children, while generating income and jobs for their families and communities. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming days. Follow our progress on Pinterest, web site, Facebook and Twitter.

College Readiness Workshops at the OC

In partnership with Generation Hope, the INMED Opportunity Center will host a series of 3 FREE College Readiness workshops for rising and current high school students who are pregnant or are teen mothers. The workshop series will take place on October 10, 17 and 24 from 6 pm – 7 pm at 21630 Ridgetop Circle, Suite 130 in Sterling. Participants are invited to attend all 3 workshops. For more details or to register, please contact Erin Lewis at 571-465-5996 or

Read to Your Baby!

According to a recent study, by age 3 there is a 30-million-word gap between children from the wealthiest and poorest families. Research also shows there are strong links between literacy, school performance, self-esteem and life chances—with poor literacy skills associated with lower education, earnings, health and social outcomes. In INMED Loudoun’s Healthy Families and Moms & Babies programs, it’s never too early to start. Our staff and volunteers work with parents to give the gift of literacy to their children. This video on INMED’s YouTube channel is a great example.

Thankful Thursday

INMED is thankful for all our supporters and volunteers, who give so much of their time and resources to build better futures for children and families around the world. Today, we recognize and thank Sherry Fortier of Peers and Students Taking Action (PASTA). Sherry (pictured here with OC Executive Director Maria Vasquez) is a new member of the INMED Loudoun Programs Advisory Board and has been active in supporting a variety of our activities at the Opportunity Center over the past two years. PASTA is a student- run volunteer group committed to helping the community by learning how to run volunteer programs, researching the needs of their peers and taking action to fill those needs. PASTA members have volunteered in our After-School Program, summer camps and will soon begin middle school math tutoring on Saturdays from 10 am – noon.

A big THANK YOU to Sherry and the PASTA volunteers to giving their time to help our kids at the OC.

The Seeds Are Planted, The Fish Are Swimming!


The OC After School students have planted the seeds that will be cultivated in their indoor aquaponics planters. Today, a variety of fish were added to the system. The water is circulating through the tiers, and the grow lights are beaming overhead. “This is cool,” said one fourth grader. “I can’t wait to get here after school to see what’s happening!”

That’s just the type of reaction we aim for here at INMED’s Opportunity Center. Making learning fun enables our staff ignite a level of curiosity that will help our community’s at-risk children excel at school.