Thank you to our Supporters

As the new year approaches, the INMED Family & Youth Opportunity Center staff would like to sincerely thank our Board of Trustees, Programs Advisory Board, volunteers, supporters, donors, sponsors and in-kind contributors for their dedication and demonstrated commitment on behalf of our program participants. The continued success of our programs is built on their tireless efforts and diligent support.

We offer our very best wishes for health and happiness in 2018 and look forward to working together on behalf of children and families in Loudoun.

Thank you to the Women’s Committee of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Sterling

Thank you to the Women’s Committee of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Sterling, who provided gifts for the children in our Healthy Families Loudoun Program’s parent educations groups. The gifts were distributed at the Opportunity Center—and the children were so excited to learn that the gifts under the tree were just for them!

INMED’s Healthy Families Loudoun program provides in-home educational and support services for pregnant women, teens and families with young children. A family support worker guides each family one-on-one to give their children the best possible start in life and to ensure the children remain healthy, safe and nurtured. children We are grateful for the Women’s Committee of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Sterling and others who support Healthy Families Loudoun.

Learn more about the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Sterling at

Why I Support INMED

As the father of two young children, I’ve come to appreciate how important it is for kids to have access to activities, instruction and care at times when working parents just can’t be available.  I’ve also come to appreciate how very expensive and inaccessible after-school programs can be for low-income families who need affordable alternatives.

INMED’s Family & Youth Opportunity Center fills a gap in services available to families in need and children whose parents lack the means to provide them with all the opportunities they deserve.  I’ve heard parents extol the virtues of the Opportunity Center’s programs and describe how INMED helped them overcome times of crisis. 

I joined the Opportunity Center’s Board of Trustees to be part of something that truly improves the lives of others. The more children who do not fall through the cracks, the better off everyone in our community will be—but INMED cannot accomplish this without financial support and volunteer service. Getting involved with INMED is not only beneficial to my career but is one of the most rewarding investments I’ve made with my time and resources.

Steven Tibbets
Managing Senior Counsel
CA Technologies

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Why I Volunteer for INMED

I heard about INMED through a service organization I lead called Peers and Students Taking Action (P.A.S.T.A.).  The first time I volunteered at INMED’s Family & Youth Opportunity Center,  I saw so many wonderful opportunities to help the community and those who don’t have the resources that others do.

I started tutoring middle school students in math on Saturday mornings and have spent the past three summers giving free guitar lessons at the Center. Almost all the kids are brand new to the instrument, so it’s great to see them learn to play from scratch. The kids at INMED are awesome. I love those moments when I see the kids smile after accomplishing something or completing a difficult task. Their excitement and motivation are powerful and contagious.

Community service really instills a sense of gratitude, confidence and leadership. I’ve also found that volunteering is reciprocal. Helping others ultimately helps everyone live up to their true potential. I hope more teenagers will understand how great it feels to give back to the community.

Saarthak Maheshwari
11th grade student
Stone Bridge High School

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INMED Helped My Mom and Me

I was failing first grade when my school counselor referred me to INMED’s Family & Youth Opportunity Center for tutoring and help with my homework. I was so tired every morning at school that I just put my head down on my desk and fell asleep. My mom cleaned offices at night and couldn’t afford a babysitter, so I would go to work with her, sometimes until 10 p.m.

When I started attending INMED’s after-school academic enrichment program, it felt like a fun and safe place to be. I rode their bus to the Center with kids from other elementary schools and made friends. My tutor and other volunteers at the center were very nice and gave me snacks, so I would have energy to get caught up with my school work. They made learning fun, with exploding volcano science experiments and art projects that I could take home to my mom. I even started doing my homework without being asked.

My mom also started taking INMED’s skills development classes at the Center, so she could get a better job during daytime hours. Now I’m doing well in school, and my mom and I have more time to do fun things together.

If you would like to help children like me do better in school, please support INMED.

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Secret Santa at the Opportunity Center

While some children may have doubted whether Santa would visit them this year, the student volunteers of P.A.S.T.A. (Peers and Students Taking Action) made sure that Secret Santa made an appearance at our Opportunity Center. When our after-school program students arrived last Thursday, they were surprised and delighted by a bounty of presents under the tree—all purchased and wrapped by the P.A.S.T.A. volunteers. The children also feasted on treats and played games with their high school mentors. The spirit of giving and sharing is alive and well at INMED, thanks to the amazing young people of P.A.S.T.A.! Learn more about this group of teens at

Thank you TEGNA

Thank you to the wonderful employees of TEGNA for collecting gifts for the families in INMED’s Homelessness Prevention program! TEGNA is a long-time community partner that has faithfully provided gifts for our families for many years. Their generosity brings joy to the lives of those who are facing very difficult challenges.

Thank you to our supporters of Healthy Families Loudoun and Homelessness Prevention Programs

INMED is grateful for the organizations and individuals who have assisted the Healthy Families Loudoun and Homelessness Prevention Programs throughout the year with in-kind donations, financial support and volunteer service hours. We could not serve the number of families we do without the help of these generous folks. Special thanks to:

  • OB/GYN Hospitalists of Loudoun
  • WIC in Leesburg and Ashburn
  • St. Theresa Catholic Church
  • Christ the Redeemer Catholic Church
  • Leesburg Community Church 
  • Tiny Cups
  • TEGNA Inc.
  • Women Giving Back
  • Catholic Charities
  • Salvation Army
  • Reston Bible Church
  • Life for Cancer
  • Loudoun Free Clinic
  • McLean Bible Church

Thank you to Building Confident Kids and Solutions Realty Group

Special thanks to Building Confident Kids (BCK), as well as the employees of Solutions Realty Group, who provided gifts for the children whose parents are enrolled in our Healthy Families Loudoun and Homelessness Prevention programs. This is BCK’s second year of providing special yellow goodie bags to children at the Opportunity Center. We are grateful for their support! Solutions Realty is a new community partner, and we look forward to many future opportunities to work together on behalf of our children and families at the center!

Please visit their websites at and

How INMED Helped Me

As a single father of three boys, life can be overwhelming. The stress of supporting my family alone and not having strong work skills made it difficult to hold down a full-time job. I had no idea how to budget, so I often ended up not being able to pay my rent. I couldn’t even afford beds for my boys, so they slept on the floor.

Through the free financial literacy classes offered under INMED’s Family Education program at the Family & Youth Opportunity Center, I learned how to manage a budget, prioritize my expenses and start building a savings account. INMED’s family education classes also taught me important parenting skills, such as disciplining my children with love and the importance of family time.

With INMED’s help, I created a resume for the first time and met my current employer at one of their free job fairs. My family is much more stable now. I have a steady job and have saved enough money to buy brand new beds for my sons. I am also continuing to improve my job skills so that my sons will have a better future.

If you would like to help single parents provide a better future for our children, please support INMED.

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