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Thankful Thursday – Loudoun Chamber visits INMED Opportunity Center

We are grateful for the terrific article about our Opportunity Center and INMED’s 25th anniversary on the Chamber Insider Blog. Writer Emma Royce did a skillful job of highlighting all the ways INMED is transforming lives around the world and here in Loudoun. Mark your calendar to help us celebrate our 25 years in Loudoun by attending our Family Fun Fest at Dulles Golf on September 15 from 12-4 pm. Get your tickets here:

Learning Multiplication Facts

Volunteer Manoj Bisht and daughter Shyla of Loudoun Math Circle are teaching our campers about multiplication facts—and the kids LOVE it! They use a math board game that takes geometry to the next level. Players are challenged to think creatively and use only three types of sticks to create geometric shapes.