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Finalist at Dulles Chamber’s Stars Over Dulles Awards

What an honor to be a finalist at the Dulles Chamber’s Stars Over Dulles Awards today! INMED Opportunity Center Development Director Christine Gollatz DeWitt proudly stood in for award nominee Dr. Linda Pfeiffer, INMED Partnerships for Children Founder and CEO. It was a thrill to be among the stellar group of nominees. A big thank you to the Official Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce, the event sponsors and the beautiful Crowne Plaza Dulles Airport for putting on a great show!


INMED Opportunity Center hosted a STEAM Day on Saturday, December 1st. Children ages 5-13 years old came to the Center and participated in science related activities and a contest of building a bridge that was solely about working together. For each activity they learned about measuring, which included making a Lava Lamp, Volcano Explosion, and Slime. The students were grouped by age and had 30 minutes using Play-Doh, craft sticks, and pipe cleaners to compete to build the best bridge. Thank you to all who participated.

10th Anniversary of Inova OB/GYN Clinic

INMED Opportunity Center Family Support Worker Nancy Ordonez (center) celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Inova OB/GYN Clinic at Loudoun Hospital with Program Manager Ilse Brassard (right),Tiara Clifford-Smith and Yesica Osorio. INMED and Nancy were recognized for working closely with this team to provide resources to at-risk, first-time mothers for a healthy pregnancy and birth. Congratulations on this beautiful community partnership!