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INMED Helped Me Succeed

The Opportunity Center connected with a quiet second grader named Luis last school year. Luis’ school referred him to us because he was disengaged in class and below grade-level in reading, writing and math.

Our bilingual staff began working with Luis’ family, and discovered that his mother was a dedicated single mom who was unable to help Luis with schoolwork, because she spoke little English. She also could not afford a home computer for Luis to complete his online math homework.

When Luis began our after-school program, he hardly ever smiled and struggled to make friends. Our staff gave him one-on-one tutoring, homework support, computer access, supplemental enrichment, and encouragement. His mother attended our English language classes on Saturdays. Gradually, everyone began to see a change in Luis. He smiled more and the math and reading concepts began to click. 

Over his time at the center, Luis’ grades improved to 100% of all grade-level standards, and his confidence soared. By the end of the school year, Luis smiled often, built many new friendships, and loved to play Legos with his pals in his free time.

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Hispanic Heritage Month – Literacy Leads to Success

Did you know that Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor credits her success to being a life-long avid reader? Growing up disadvantaged in the Bronx, NY, she became an avid reader to escape her hardships and imagine new worlds and possibilities for her life. She’s also a children’s book author. Her first book, Turning Pages: My Life Story, was published earlier this month.

At INMED’s Family & Youth Opportunity Center, we take a page from Justice Sotomayor’s book by instilling a love of reading, learning and doing, in the children and families we serve—from daily after-school library time to ESL classes to financial literacy workshops to help families budget, save and invest. Literacy leads to success.

Every Monday is Young Scientists’ Club.

Thank you to Dr. Broudawski and her assistant Miss. Anna for creating the exciting and exclusive Young Scientist’s Club for the students at our After-school program in the OC. 

These past two weeks, Dr. B and Miss. Anna have done such an astonishing job grabbing our students attention by teaching them about the digestive system, the four different tastes, the esophagus, and many more exciting details about the human body/digestive system. 

Looking for something fun and different to do on the weekend?

Get your groove on at the Creative Dance Center, , pose for a family portrait at Penny June Photography, get your endorphins flowing at Orangetheory Fitness, strap on some skates at Ashburn Ice House or eat some darn good carbs at Great Harvest Bread. You can bid on all these fun activities at INMED’s 3rd Annual Barn Blast this Sunday at Murray Hill Estate. Join us!