Homelessness is preventable

Judith and her two daughters became homeless when a prolonged illness caused the young mother to lose her job and her home. Facing a mountain of medical debt and no way to pay it, Judith felt hopeless and alone. And the shelter was no place to raise healthy children.

At INMED’s Opportunity Center, we see a lot of families like Judith’s. Our Opening Doors program provided intensive case management and access to resources to lift Judith and her children out of homelessness. Our caring case managers worked with Judith to create a step-by-step plan for getting out of debt and into her own home. With the help of other INMED programs and community partnerships, Judith improved her financial literacy, negotiated manageable payment plans to pay off her debts, found stable employment and saved enough money to purchase a Habitat for Humanity house.

Do you know someone like Judith who needs our help? Contact Cecilia Yap-Diaz for more information about INMED’s Opening Doors and homelessness prevention programs: cyap-diaz@inmed.org or 703-729-4951.