Mindfulness is a state of mind at the OC

It may look like our kids are putting their feet up and relaxing—and they are! They’re practicing mindfulness, thanks to the Five Stones Institute, which has been leading our After-School kids in mindfulness exercises as a monthly enrichment activity. Five Stones is using the practice of mindfulness to teach our children to define and understand ways to address stress, anger and frustration and to develop a set of personal tools, such as breathwork, meditation and relaxation, to support calm and balanced responses to stressors.

Do you or your company have a talent or skill to share? Please consider leading an enrichment workshop, seminar or course for our After-School or Family Education programs. Contact Opportunity Center Director Maria Vasquez for more information: 703-729-4951 or mvasquez@inmed.org.

For more about mindfulness, visit http://fivestoneswellness.com/ #mindfulness