On the Road to Eradicating Poverty

Today, INMED celebrates the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. For 30 years, INMED and our dedicated partners have rescued millions of children from hunger, abuse, neglect, homelessness and violence as a result of the hopelessness of poverty. Our time-tested model stabilizes children in crisis while educating and equipping their families and communities with the tools needed for sustainability.

Here in Loudoun, our Opportunity Center has served more than 2,000 children and their families with one-on-one mentoring, after-school tutoring, family education, skills development and intensive case management. Our programs are a beacon of hope for those who struggle to survive in Loudoun’s pockets of poverty. To learn how you can help, visit http://opportunitycenter.us/get-involved/ or contact elewis@inmed.org.