Opportunity Maker

Be an Opportunity Maker!

Invest in the Opportunity of a better life for members of your community, through volunteering or giving.

When you think of Loudoun County, you generally think of great wealth; as the County is on the Wealthiest Counties in America list year after year. The reality is that a large percentage of families living in our community are living in poverty.

Our weakened economy, increased unemployment rate, and high costs of living in such an affluent community have made it difficult for many to meet their basic needs, including food, shelter, childcare, and a sense of community.

Can you imagine making a choice between …
Grocery Bills or Utility Bills?
Gas in Your Car or a Doctor’s Visit?
Rent or After-school Childcare?
Diapers or Dinner?

INMED supports the people who must make these hard choices everyday.

Your generous gift will help provide the opportunities Loudoun County’s at-risk families need to raise healthy, responsible and resilient children, build a sense of community, and achieve economic self-sufficiency. We hope you will join us in helping those who need help with the basic necessities of everyday life. Be an Opportunity Maker, your monthly gift of $10 will have a huge impact on our ability to serve. Help a Child, Donate Now