Strategies for Success

An INMED family support worker shares how she helped a young mother escape domestic abuse to shape a better future for her son.

“Sylvia is a 20-year-old single mom with a one-year-old child. When I was assigned her case, Sylvia was involved in a domestic violence case. My supervisor and I developed an action plan for every week. The plan included referrals to other community resources, teaching Sylvia about coping with stress, reinforcing her decisions about taking care of herself and her child, and taking the proper legal steps to protect her and her child. Now, with affordable child care, Sylvia is able to work full-time and leave her son in a safe place with a babysitter. She was able to get a driver’s license and her own loan to buy a car. She is happy that she found the way to be successful and emotionally and economically independent. Her experience as a single mom and the support from our program have been a motivation for her to travel the road of success. Sylvia appreciates all the support and help from the program and I feel so proud of her.”

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