Thankful Thursday

INMED is thankful for Madison Landry, who attends Stone Bridge High School and has been faithfully volunteering at our Opportunity Center since October 2015. Madison saw volunteering as a way to help underprivileged children improve their school work and grow as individuals. She wasn’t expecting the extent to which she would grow as well. “There are SO many rewarding things about volunteering at INMED,” she says. “I love when I help a student through a word or a math problem, and later they try it themselves and they solve or read it perfectly. It shows that my help is effective and I’m making a difference. I also love hearing that when I consistently tutor a particular student, their overall grades improve.”

The kids look forward to seeing their tutor as well.  “When I walk in, they run up to me and give me a big hug,” she says. “Or they smile and wave through the window and say ‘You’re here!’ INMED is definitely the highlight of my week!”

To learn more about volunteer opportunities at the OC, please contact Erin Lewis at