The faces of INMED

When 23-year-old Adriana was referred to INMED’s Opportunity Center by the county’s Department of Family Services, she was in crisis. Her lack of parenting skills and job prospects, combined with her inability to afford prescription medication for a mood disorder, were causing significant strain on her marriage and her relationship with her 17-month-old daughter.

INMED Family Support Worker Nancy Ordonez introduced the young couple to techniques for improving their communication, appreciation and problem solving skills as critical tools in their daily lives. “Helping parents to be mentally strong enables them to provide better quality time to their children,” she explains. Through regular home visits, she also helped Adriana find resources for affordable medicine and healthcare, as well as develop a plan for securing a full-time job and saving money to move to a larger home in a safer neighborhood.

“I am so happy to see how this family is growing in their relationship and life skills. They’re making videos of happy moments and singing love songs,” beams Nancy Ordonez. “The transformation has been just amazing. I love my job!”