Valentine’s Day is around the corner

Valentine’s Day is around the corner—a day when children everywhere celebrate a feast of treats and whimsical cards. For 6-year-old Isabela, the only valentines she will receive this year will be from the kindness of strangers. Her single mother is struggling to find a stable job and affordable child care for Isabela’s younger siblings, and valentines are a luxury they simply can’t afford. Imagine not being able to afford colored paper and crayons.

At INMED’s Opportunity Center, all children will receive a valentine and treats. Isabela’s mom will receive a greater gift: marketable job skills, mentoring and stability, thanks to our family support programs.

Will you be one of those kind strangers for Isabela and the other children at INMED’s Opportunity Center? It’s easy! Simply donate a monetary gift at

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Share your love in a tangible way today and give Isabela a Valentine’s Day she’ll remember!